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Spill Containment

IBC Pallets

A large capacity spill pallet, which complies with the 110% bund regulations designed for use with most common footprints of 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers(IBCs). The IBC sits directly onto the integral support columns positioned above the sump which has broad range chemical compatibility.



  • External size L1590mm x W1455mm x H715mm

  • Number of containers  - 1 x IBC

  • Sump capacity - 1125 Litres

  • Pallet colour -  Yellow or Blue

  • Tare weight - 80kg




Code BB3

This robust spill pallet allows you to store two 1000 litre IBCs side by side directly on the integral support columns. The large capacity sump meets with Oil Storage Regulations




  • External size L2340mm x W1360mm x H510mm

  • Number of containers - 2 x IBC

  • Sump capacity - 1150 Litres

  • Pallet colour - Blue or yellow

  • Tare weight - 85kg




Code BB4
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