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SurfCleaner® SCO 1000 Hybrid skimmer separator for 100% removal, separation, and recovery of oil and all floating pollution on water surfaces

Mobile set up

Portable SurfCleaner for flexible oil clean-up

The SCO 1000 is a hybrid skimmer separator designed for oil spills and oil separation in industries. Weighing less than 30 kg with a diameter under 60 cm in transport mode, the SCO 1000 can be handled by one person. It can be powered on-/off-grid, from mains power 110/230V or 12/24V battery. It is controlled remotely via smartphone/tablet. With these features, the SCO 1000 is a very versatile solution for a wide range of applications in oil spill cleanup and oil separation.

SurfCleaner – a complete Hybrid Skimmer Separator solution

A simple yet effective solution for removing a wide variety of pollution – from sheen to heavy oil, and from sludge to solids. SCO 1000 is an energy efficient system that not only collects but separatess and recovers 100% of the pollution from the water surface. It is simple to deploy, run and maintain.

The SurfCleaner technology is based on gravimetric separation, collecting both the carrier fluid and floating pollution – with a separation capacity of 1,000 ltrs of pure oil per hour.


Advanced yet simple

The SurfCleaner is ingeniously simple. The patented collection and separation system has been developed into a fully automatic, self-adjusting solution consisting of only two moving parts. The separated oil is discharged into an external floating tank or other container, thus reducing the disposal costs due to the low water content, less than 0.5%.

The SurfCleaner products have been developed through years of extensive research in close co-operation with customers, resulting in a highly efficient, durable and easily maintained range of products.

SurfCleaner benefits:

  • Portable, easy to move and handle by one person

  • Requires no pump, no power- pack, no hydraulics, no pneu- matics

  • Low power operation on-grid or off-grid via mains or battery

  • Remote control via smart- phone/tablet

  • Automatic removal and sep- aration of oil with up to 100% separation

  • Recover the oil with a water content of less than 0.5%

  • Separate up to 1,000 ltrs of pure oil per hour

  • Continuous unmanned/remote operation with minimal service requirements

  • No noisy generators needed, allowing recovery in sensitive areas

  • ATEX/EX certified for Zone 0

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