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Stake Wall Model

Portable Secondary Containment Berm For Drums, Equipment And Vehicles

The Stake Wall Model is a portable berm that helps capture leaks, drips, and spills to prevent them from contaminating and polluting the environment. 

The Stake Wall Model’s design features flexible polyurethane stakes that allow the sidewalls to spring into place automatically –even after being bent in either direction. This makes it perfect for spill sites or containment areas, because it allows Drums and Trucks to roll over the walls without breaking their upright structure. 

Key Features: 

  • Easily folds for transport

  • No set-up required – just unfold and the sidewalls automatically spring into their vertical position

  • Custom sizes available.

  • Vertical sidewall supports located every 12". Each Support features a built-in "living hinge" at its base, which allows sidewalls to collapse in either direction. Collapsed sidewalls spring back automatically.

  • Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175.

Stake wall 1
Stake wall 2
Stake wall 3
Stake wall 4
Stake wall 5
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