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The New Fast Deploying Multi-Purpose Booming System
The perfect low cost first response system using minimum manpower 

Fast Deployment With Minimum Crew

The DTB patented clamping system is designed so that assembly can be can be done very quickly. No special tools are required. The screws only need to be hand tight and double up as grips or for securing the boom.

As the boom is supplied on a reel with handles, two crewmen just walk out the required length of boom and secure the other set of clamps at the other end. The boom in now ready to deploy after just a few minutes.

Compact & Strong

The DTB is very compact due to the fact it is supplied on a reel and is contained within its own carry bag.


The total flat width of the boom is 980mm and has a crack resistance of 30N/mm2 minimum, the towing force of the DTB is 3000kg

Operating temperature of -30c to +60c 


The DTB can be used for a number of situations unlike regular booming systems.
1. It can be used on water

2. It can be used on land
3. It can be used as flood protection

4. It can be used as a container 

Double Tube Boom Kit


Each set contains the following parts:

1 x 150m Double-Tube-Boom (white, red print)
2 x Clamping sets complete
1 x Hose reel with removable side panel for easy tube change

1 x Protective cover (black), with Velcro tape
1 x transport and storage bag for clamps and accessories
1 x Expansion material (for sealing on land) 5kg each
1 x 30m training boom to preserve the main system boom.


The Double Tube Boom can be inflated with any commercially available blower or can be supplied as an optional extra. 

Technical Specifications
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